After the night
romance review

After The Night by Sandra Marie

Romance For All Seasons #1


She never thought she’d be the prince in the Cinderella story. 

Cassidy Joanes met the man of her dreams during the annual Halloween office party. Only problem? He was wearing a mask, and she hasn’t a clue who he is—only that he can rock a Dread Pirate Roberts costume.

With only a few men in the office, she makes it her mission to find the man who swept her off her feet, only to be met with date after date of disappointment. And with a growing attraction to her boss, she’s not sure she can find her prince before she falls for someone else.


This was my first book by Sandra Maria and I’m definitely going to read more by her.

After the night was a fascinating and riveting read. I was not able to put it down once starting it (and yes, I was awake the whole night 😂). Although starting was somewhat confusing for me but I got hooked only after five, six pages.

Cassidy was a numbers girl, working in a billing department.
* A huge Geek OR Dork, whichever you find more cute😆
* Marvel’s fan like super crazy Marvel’s fan
* And a whole lot of Awkward (no doubt why I related to her 😉)

Jon was the new doc in the clinic.
The epitome of shy and gentleman ( NO people, only bad boys are not sexy)😝

They really started talking at Halloween office party, when Doc had a mask on and Cass didn’t know whom she was talking to. There banter was easy and off the charts hilarious (reallyyy, I was laughing so hard😂😂)

“So… that was fun growing up.”
“Yeah?” a Jesus asked from a few feet away.
Westley’s eyes widened, and he made the cutest face before saying, “Uh, hey!” 

“He drew a stick figure with a phone and a cane. A dialogue bubble said, “I’m old, but I text good.” As soon as the teacher was distracted Jon turned and took a shot, chucking the crumpled paper hard enough he smacked her square in the forehead.” 

I think if you like sweet romance and dorkiness then read it. I can’t wait for Steven’s book.

PS- I love the cover ❤

I received an early copy and decided to review it.

  • Pages: 215
  • Expected publication: October 1st 2018

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