romance review

A Diamond Deal with Her Boss by Cathy Williams



He has an outrageous proposition… 

She’ll wear his diamond—temporarily! Personal assistant Abby’s newest assignment, as her sexy boss Gabriel’s fake fiancée, sends her heart rate rocketing. And that’s before Abby experiences the heady sensuality of his response! She cannot resist the temptation of a burning hot, short-term affair. But when the heat between them threatens to undo her, Abby must decide if she can share her body—and soul—with Gabriel…


Gabriel is a multimillionaire, owner of a technology company. Abby was his PA for the last 2 years. Always professional, never talking about her personal life.

But a trip to Seville to meet his grandmother changed everything (for good) 😝. Their chemistry was palpable. They got to know each other so much in that short time.

“Fine,” she said tautly. ‘I’ll take the floor. This isn’t my house and I should have known better than to have asked you to do the honours.’

She gingerly tiptoed across the floor then angled herself under the sheet, trying hard not to grimace at the unspeakable discomfort.

‘This is ludicrous,’ he growled
Neither of us is going to sleep on the floor,’ Gabriel said in a voice that brooked no debate.

His speech when he realized he loved her was exceptional.❤

“Now I’m going to cry.”

“That’s what I have a shoulder for. For you to cry on.” He patted his lap and she shuffled over to sit on it and throw her arms round his neck, content to nestle into him.

The only thing I didn’t like was the head hopping, that is, for 1 para it’d be Gabriel’s POV and then next it’d be Abby’s. It kind of broke the flow.

But story was so captivating that I didn’t leave it in between, wasn’t able to actually 😂.

Sooo if you don’t mind this then add it to your tbr list.

  •  Pages: 224
  • Published June 1st 2018 by Harlequin Presents

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