Contemporary Romance, romance review

Duke of Manhattan by Louise Bay

I was born into British aristocracy, but I’ve made my fortune in Manhattan. New York is now my kingdom. Back in Britain my family are fighting over who’s the next Duke of Fairfax. The rules say it’s me–if I’m married. It’s not a trade-off worth making. I could never limit myself to just one woman. Or so I thought until my world is turned upside down. Now, the only way I can save the empire I built is to inherit the title I’ve never wanted– so I need a wife. To take my mind off business I need a night that’s all pleasure. I need to bury myself in a stranger. The skim of Scarlett King’s hair over my body as she bends over . . . The scrape of her nails across my chest as she screams my name . . . The bite of her teeth on my shoulder just as we both reach the edge . . . It all helps me forget. I just didn’t bargain on finding my one night stand across the boardroom table the next day. She might be my latest conquest but I have a feeling Scarlett King might just conquer me. A sexy, standalone romance.
It was light, sexy not too intense and dramatic read (just the way I like it).
I picked a slice of cucumber out of my drink and held it to her lips. “Try it.”
She took a bite and grinned as I popped the other half in my mouth.
Ryder was the most loving, adorable and caring person. Although a womanizer he got in the role of fiancee easily.
“I followed her line of sight to find Ryder heading across the office, grinning at me. “I brought lunch,” he said as he reached my office and held up a brown paper bag.
      I rolled my lips together, trying to stop myself from smiling.”
Scarlett was smart, independent and at the same time who loved to be taken care of. She didn’t make a fuss about all the Ryder’s sweet gestures. And that’s something I really admired. She had some insecurities which might have made me frustrated a teeny tiny bit but then again who doesn’t.
All the secondary characters lovely, especially Ryder’s grandfather.
The only thing I didn’t like  was that there chemistry at the starting made me feel nothing. It was plain for me. But there time after they left for England is my favorite.
“Your arse looks fantastic,” he whispered into my ear.”
It can be read as a standalone.
  • Publication date: May 14, 2017
  • Pages: 306

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