want you back by lulu pratt
Contemporary Romance, romance review

Want You Back by Lulu Pratt

want you back by lulu pratt


He text dumped me, now I have to pretend to be in love with him or lose my job

I never thought I’d see Jacob again after he texted those seven words: I’m leaving,
we can’t be together anymore.
I’ve spent the last two years staring at that message, hearing his gravelly voice loud and clear in my head as I read the words over and over.
We were supposed to be forever, instead he’s forever frozen my heart.
It’s been rough but at least my career is going great.
Or at least it was until I accidentally posted a vibrator video to my company’s Instagram account.
They failed to see the funny side.
Now I have one shot to smooth things over with my boss – pretend to be in a relationship with a stranger for the weekend to impress a potential new client.
Except it isn’t a stranger after all, it’s Jacob.


Let me start by saying I totally loved it. I haven’t read any other books by Lulu Pratt but I’ll be reading them soon for sure.

There weren’t any incidents which might be of surprise but pleasant all the same. Though there was this one time were I was like “oh shit” 😂.

Sierra was the head of marketing at Pillers, a construction company. She recently made some very minor mistake and is now trying her best to prove herself and not to loose her job.

Jacob owns Got Wood Inc and also works for Pillers. He was sooo sweet. I know that’s not something to use for male protagonist but that’s true.

want you back by lulu pratt

SEE what I mean.😂

Since they haven’t talked to each other for 2 years AND there job is based out of different cities they haven’t known the fact that they both work for same company. Until now, when they come face to face for a big project (that encounter was awesome 😆).

In playing fake couple there true feelings start to surface (not that they actually went away in the first place).

And that’s where I love Sierra. She didn’t fight it and made too much fuss but gave him the second chance. That’s very rare to see in a second chance plots. Both characters were built perfectly.

“When and where did you have your first kiss?”
She blushed, but obliged him by writing something down.
I answered before Charles could call on me. “Summer night, in a park, after a long day’s picnic.”

  • Pages: 260
  • Publishing Date September 2018


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