Perfect Dissonance
Contemporary Romance, romance review

Perfect Dissonance by L.M. Kennedy

perfect dissonance L.M. Kennedy


Lydia Hernandez never knew she had a thing for tattoos until Jared Eden showed up at Misty Lake Rehab Center during her last weeks of volunteer work. The anger and sadness that emanate from Jared jolt Lydia with professional and personal curiosity. She glimpses a world of secrets that has left Jared scarred and broken.

Done with the center, Lydia heads to the Needle Nightclub and is stunned to see Jared on stage. Transfixed, Lydia soon finds herself in Jared’s tattoo chair and eventually his bed. Their connection, undeniable, their sex steamy.

Wanting to help Jared face his demons backfires when Lydia finds herself shutout. Unable to free himself from the pain in his past, Jared pushes her away. The realization that he stands to lose the one woman that he has ever loved forces him to face the one thing that has held him emotionally hostage for years.


“What does that mean?” My heartbeat tripled with this revelation, my lips numb. “You don’t want anyone else?” 
“It means no one, nothing else matters. You will be in my 
heart until the moment I die.” 

This book was so emotional, intense, touching and good. 

Lydia was an intern at Misty Lake. There she meets Jared Eden, there for detox.
I can’t even explain how heart wrenching it was to see him in that condition. I was holding my breath seeing him so vulnerable and in pain.

After Lydia’s internship was over and Jared was out of Misty lake they met again at a club where Jared’s band was playing.
It was awkward at first for both of them to see each other outside of center.

Jared had demons of his past and it was hurting to watch him battle them alone.
Lydia wanted to help him but he always pushed her away. Though he liked her very much yet messed up pretty bad.

He leaned down so we were eye to eye. “As soon as
we’re done playing, I want out.” His hand gently massaged my neck
and I almost fell apart. “You and me. My place. No clothes. Heavy
breathing. How does that sound?”

I really loved Jared, with all his past and struggles. Especially when he actually revealed his past.

Lydia was good too but sometimes it irritated me when she guessed everything, all the time.

It was definitely worth a read. The connection with the characters was instant, writing style was perfect and all the secondary characters were THE best(I can’t choose any one).

So if you love intense, emotional read try this.

“Nice one.” I grinned. “Are we a thing then?” 
“Sure.” He smiled. “We’re a thing. But it won’t be official 
until I tattoo my name across your forehead.” He winked and I 
couldn’t help but laugh out. 

PS. I wish there was an epilogue. And I’m immensely waiting for Jessie’s(Jared’s Brother) book.

I received an advanced readers copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Pages: 202
  • Published September 23rd 2018 by Evernight Publishing

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