Across the street
Contemporary Romance, romance review

Across the Street by Sandra Marie

Across the street

Romance For All Seasons #2


His dinner for one just got complicated. 

Steven Atkinson moved back home to win his ex-girlfriend’s heart, only to find she’s fallen completely in love with someone else. With a Thanksgiving dinner ticket to his ex’s family dinner, he’s dreading showing up alone, pining over the one that got away.

Ginny Thompkins is ready to put herself out there, even if it is just about the scariest thing since IT crept out of the sewers. And the cute boy across the street wants her to be his date for Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of strangers. Maybe it’s just the thing to get her to find that confidence for that opening position at work.

But when using each other for their own personal gain turns into an unbridled attraction, Steven and Ginny just may get way more than they bargained for.


I was sooooo eagerly waiting for Steve’s book and I finally read it( although some time back, this review is late😝). It was more than expected. It had some great, fabulous romantic moments. Whole book was sweet and low on drama.

This is NOT a standalone.
There was a glimpse of Ginni in the epilogue of After the night.
And from After the night Steve was the sweet, helpful, nice guy.

“Wow,” Steven said. “Teach me how to do that?”
“Hey, dork, she just showed you,” Jemma teased. “If you want to ask her out, find a better pick up line.”

He is always there to help ANYONE. Mainly he can’t say NO. When his ex asked him to come for thanksgiving dinner he said yes. But along with a teeny tiny lie that he will be bringing his girlfriend along.

As red as she was, Ginny liked the sound of being Steven’s girl.

Ginni is a shy, socially awkward, girl next door. She is not comfortable with speaking to strangers.

“Or if you prefer to go by Steven. Or if I’m supposed to call you babe or sweetie or love pumpkin—”
“Please don’t call me love pumpkin.” They laughed together, and her shoulders relaxed. 

So when they meet and Steve asks Ginni for this huge favor Ginni isn’t so sure. But they eventually get to know each other.

I can’t tell you when or how or why, but everything about you, about us over the past month was completely real for me. What I felt for Cassidy doesn’t compare to what I feel now for you. 

I received an ARC of this book from author in exchange for an honest review.

If you love any season romances do let me.


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