Under the tree by Sandra Marie
Contemporary Romance, romance review

Under The Tree by Sandra Marie

Romance For All Seasons #3


He has twelve days to prove he’s worth the risk 

An unexpected pregnancy sends Frankie home just in time for the holidays. Determined to figure out the tangled mess of her life, she finds comfort in her childhood traditions. The last thing she expects is for Alex, her baby daddy an overgrown frat boy, to show up on her parent’s doorstep.

Alex never wanted to grow up, always on the search for the next party, but when he met Frankie he felt a shift in his carefree world. Now he needs to find a way to convince her that he’s done partying and ready to be the man and father to their unborn child that he knows he can be.

There is twelve days until Christmas. And twelve days for him to prove to Frankie that he’s ready to be more than just her baby daddy. He’s ready to make them a family.


“It’s time I finally did something right. I miss you, and I want us to be a family. Me, you and…” His eyes moved down to her stomach. “Peanut.”

I think Sandra Marie is going to be on my list of favourite authors.❤

To be Honest I’d my doubts about this one when I read the blurb, what with pregnancy and irresponsible hero. But was I wrong!!! So insanely wrong. I don’t think Sandra book can be anything but perfect.😝

The book is full of sugar sweet moments . No excess drama between Frankie and Alex. Alex was Ginni’s colleague in Across the Street

Alex had a past, a sad past which makes you understand him better.

When Frankie tells him that she is pregnant he realizes how much he wants to be with her. He asks Frankie for 12 days to show her how he is worth the risk and her trust. 

Those 12 days to Christmas are all adorable, hilarious, romantic ( though not candle light dinner & walking on beach romantic but baking cookies together & doing Christmas shopping together romantic).

“No, hotdogs,” he said. “Got it.” He took the hotdog off the tray. A teenage boy walked by, and Alex shoved the hotdog at him. “Hungry?” he asked, and the kid looked at him like he was nuts and rightfully so. “My girlfriend’s pregnant, and hotdogs make her sick.” 

PS. The bonus at the end of the book of Ashton Mills, the hot billionaire was just the cherry on the cake. 💛

I received an ARC from the Author in exchange for an honest and voluntary review.

  • Expected publication: December 1st 2018
  • Pages: 163

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