A Top 10 of 2018 post
Top 10 of 2018

Top 10 of 2018: OTP

Today for Top 10 of 2018 the Topic is OTP (Favourite Couples)!! If anyone has seen my other posts or my profile you know I’m a romance addict and choosing favourite couples is my favourite of all.

These are some of the couples who made me swoon and laugh. Most importantly these are the couples who I did not want to strangle and who did not irritate me. It’s a feet in itself, otherwise half the time I’ll be shouting on the screen and cursing the protaganists.

Caleb & Zoe- I Wanna Text You Up

I wanna text you up by teagan hunter
Teagan Hunter

Hunter & Brit – I Think I Love You

I Think I Love You
Lauren Layne

Celian & Judith – Dirty Headlines

Dirty Headlines
L.J. Shen

Bruce & Natasha- His Banana

His Banana Penelope Bloom
Penelope Bloom

Tom & Brynn- Man Hands

Man Hands Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby
Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby

Vanessa & Jax – Rules of Entanglement

Rules of Entanglement
Gina L. Maxwell

Ryder & Scarlett- Duke of Manhattan

Duke of Manhattan

Alex & Frankie- Under the Tree

Under the Tree Sandra Marie
Sandra Marie

Carina & Max- The Marriage Mistake

The Marriage Mistake
Jennifer Probst

Alexander & Gemma – Black Ink

Black Ink by N.M. Catalano

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