Top 10 of 2018: Best of the Best
Top 10 of 2018

Top 10 of 2018: Best of the Best

It’s the second last day of the year!! It really doesn’t feel like this year has already come to an end. I read 79 books this year and yes exceeding my target of 60. Some of them were not so good and some exceptionally amazing. So I wanna show you my Top 10 Best of the Best I read this year. Hosted by KimberlyFaye Reads.

I Wanna Text You Up | Teagan Hunter

I guess you must not be surprised to find this here since this has been in so many of my Top 10. But I loved it. Every. Single. Thing about this book.

My Review | Dirty Headlines | L.J. Shen

Can you resist a dirty talking alpha male!! Well, I definitely can not. Though it’s not in the favourites just because of the alpha male; it had steam, dirty talking, emotions, romance and sweet gestures. So yes, it’s a favourite.

I Think I Love You | Lauren Layne

A Lauren Layne book. She is the author I don’t even read the synopsis of and add to my reading list because I can never go wrong with her.

My Review 1 |2 | 3| All Sandra Marie’s Books

Yep!!! I can not choose only one 😉 When I started reading this I never knew they would be my best reads of the year but here they are. They were light, romantic and hilarious.

Seducing Cinderella | Gina L. Maxwell

Brother’s best friend and second chance romance into one. It was sexy and fun. It had some really sweet moments.

My Review| Nerdgasm | Kimberly Reese

I don’t think I even need to say anything about this. I have already mentioned it SO many times!! A cute Nerd and an extrovert were fantastic.

The Impossible Bet | Anna Katmore

This is also from one of my all time favourite authors. It’s Young Adult Romance and so sweet.

Thieves 2 Lovers | K. Webster

It was the last book in the series and my most favourite. It’d all the characters from previous books. It had me laughing out loud.

Egomaniac | Vi keeland

It’d fun banter, sexual chemistry and angst. I might be late in reading this but thank God I did!! It is fabulous.

Listen To Me | Kristen Proby

It was one of the bests of Kristen Proby. I’ll be reading it again sometime.

It’s an year end. So what are your Top reads this year?

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